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Tattoo lovers wonder how tattoo models look like in real life. It is curious to see how the tattoo templates appear in real life and how they are created in practice. To satisfy this curiosity, I show tattoo stance on live models to tattoo lovers. You can view the actual views of shared tattoo models from the following pictures.


The first step to having a good tattoo is to maintain a work – as much as having a tattoo done by a good artist. Because the more you look at your tattoo, the more noticeable it will look. The first 1 week after tattooing is very important. The most important rule is that the surface does not come into contact with water for 3 days following the forging operation. Your skin, which has been damaged by tattoo needles, is open to all kinds of infections in this period. Although it does not appear as a wound, you should take care of that area as if you were injured. Because with small needle strokes bleeding and edema occurred in this area, the body perceives the wound as inflammation and defense cells are repaired. Therefore, the risk of infection in this region is high as it can be in every wound when it is not well protected. The infected tattoo will remove you from the image you want. Contact with water can create an opening in the damaged area or carry possible microbes in the water. Therefore, protect from water for at least three days. The best way to do this is to apply an antibiotic ointment to the tattoo area and wrap it gently for 3-5 days. You should repeat this process three times a day. After the first week, you can continue the ointment application without using a dressing. Your wound is now healing. This time depends on the size of the wound (tattoo), and the nature of your body structure. The wound will heal in the form of scabbing and scabbing. In each ointment process, the ointment and the shells will slowly come out. Therefore, by applying force, do not try to peel the shells. During this period, depending on the tension of the wound crust stretching may be itchy skin. You should take care not to make direct contact with the sun for a month. Because the tattoo area is darker and still more sensitive than the body. Therefore, it will be more affected by sunlight, which will result in discoloration and damage to your skin that has not yet fully healed. At the end of a month, you can now proudly show your tattoo to your friends. But remember; For a good tattoo care should be continuous. Just like your skin, your hair. If you moisturize the tattooed area well and protect it against the sun, it will always remain as it was when it was first made.

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